All About Athletics

All over the world, the game of cricket is becoming increasingly popular yet cricket pitch maintenance and other sports pitches maintenance aren't as prevalent. From Test Arena to village green, cricket requires high-quality, safe surfaces for players to perform on and improve their talents.

What is Athletics?

Athletics is a collection of sporting events which include competitive throwing, running, jumping, walking, and other types of track and field activities. These are basically physical sports of any kind that players engage in to win.

Cricket is a sport that is not encompassed in athletics and many track and field events do not count the sport among its activities. Whilst people aren't thinking of cricket, they certainly aren't thinking of cricket pitch maintenance.

What is the difference between track and field events?

Many pitches are built as an oval with the inner part used for some events and the outer ring used for others. The inner part of the oval is called the infield or field and this is where the field events take place. The outer ring is called the track and this is where the track events take place.

Field events generally require much more space for throwing, equipment, or group events. Track events are generally reserved for events the involve running or walking.

Cricket is played on a field or pitch. It requires a lot of room for players and equipment.

What sports are not included in athletics?

Although cricket is played on a field, it is not included in track and field events. This is where cricket pitch maintenance becomes an issue. Whilst the field is maintained for many other sorts of activities, the groundsman may not consider maintaining the pitch for the needs of the game of cricket and its players.

Because cricket is often not included in athletics, cricket pitch maintenance is an issue for players and spectators.

What maintenance is needed at athletic centers?

Maintenance personnel provide a variety of inspections and preventative maintenance in athletic centers. Early detection and expedited response helps prevent injury of players. Common maintenance tasks may involve surveying fields and tracks for consistency and continuity, inspecting equipment for defects or breakage, and making sure safety features are working properly.

In the game of cricket, the pitch is inspected for cracks, holes, or bumps. Visible debris are identified and removed from the pitch. Parameter fencing is inspected for any potential hazards. First aid supplies and facilities are also inspected. Cricket pitch maintenance also involves inspection for objects like broken glass, syringes, and other sharp objects that could be a danger to players.

What maintenance is needed for other sports?

Maintenance on track and field is similar to cricket pitch maintenance. Many track and field sports require that the playing surface is free of defects like holes, indentations, bumps, or debris that could cause players to trip and injury themselves.

Often shade and other lighting factors are evaluated for both players and spectators. Change rooms, pathways, and other areas are also inspected for hazards that may be a danger to spectators or players.